Cordoalha para Mineração


Belgo Bekaert steel strands are applied in geotechnical works to reinforce massive structures similarly to helical bars, however, they have greater resistance. They are flexible elements and, therefore, they provide greater ease of handling in confined work environments, allowing for productivity gains. The strands may have a smooth or notched surface finish, the purpose of which is to ensure greater performance in terms of adhesion.


The gauges (12.7, 15.2 and 15.7 mm) and the mechanical resistance levels (190 and 210 kgf / mm2) of the Belgo Bekaert lanyards constitute a range of intelligent options capable of optimizing the anchoring operations.


1) Carved cordage is a new technology that Bekaert has developed for the North American mining market. This solution presents mechanical pull resistance performance in pullout (Pull-Out Test) equal or superior to the smooth post-shaped strands known as Bird and Nutcaged. Belgo Bekaert recommends the use of the notched cordage, since, when forming a high-strength steel cordage, the original industrial configuration of the product is lost, being able to weaken it, presenting deviations in terms of quality control.

2) Belgo Bekaert wire ropes, including notches, can be supplied in coils of 1.8 to 3 tons in segments cut to the size required by the mine and in smaller coils suitable for supplying spools for automated systems equipment.

3) Ease of having a single supplier with 100% traceability.


Geotechnical works to reinforce massifs in a similar way to helical bars.

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